Science Fiction

Do you want to know how the future is going to look like? Read and watch Science Fiction!

It’s been like that for years. Writers have imagined how the future might look like, linking the present with their own theories of the evolution. Usually at their time, those ideas did sound crazy. But some of them came to be true many years later.

Imagine when Julio Verne described the submarine and the space rockets around 1870!

There is always a writer behind any story, being this a book, a movie, a song or a virtual reality game. So they are the architects of the ideas. Think about that when you consume any Science Fiction, you may want to know more about the author of the ideas which got you interested.

What to do with the special ideas you get from Science Fiction? Well, they are always very good conversation starters with friends 🙂 They may never be worth any more than that, but I’ve always felt inspired about them and so have many of the scientists and engineers that have built what other writers imagined before them.

These things exist today!:

From the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey: Video Conference (1968)

From the movie Back to the Future: Self-tying laces (1990)

From the movie Back to the Future: Hoverboard (1990)




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