Hello Leo, it’s 2030!

This blog is about my views on today’s tech and design issues written for my new born Leonardo to read on 2030 (when he’s 14 yo). You are welcome to read it today though!

I’m an experienced iOS developer today (mid 2016). I can play with chips and circuits and I like to create new digital and physical products. Does any of this stand in 2030?. The life of a developer changes fast and often and I’m no exception, so I could be cooking paella remotely for people around the World by the time Leo reads this.

I have 2 reasons to start this blog:

  • Start a conversation. With you today, with him in a few years.
  • Nurture creativity. Writing helps me finding new ways of thinking.

And I face 3 fears doing it:

  • Irrelevance? Hopefully you’ll enjoy and comment! Worse case scenario, only Leo will read it.
  • Frequency? Aiming at once a month at least. I’m an optimistic man.
  • Dead end? Fourteen years writing sounds grand, let’s see how far we get.




2 thoughts on “Hello Leo, it’s 2030!

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