Creative Confidence

Dear Leo,

I’ve got a bunch of books before you were born as I was going to have more time at home. A few were about baby caring (of course!) but another few were about all short of different things. The one I’m with today is called Creative Confidence – unleashing the creative potential within us all – by the founders of design studio IDEO.

I’ve always believed all of us are creative in essence and this books confirms my thoughts by their methodology and experience. I feel creative and you should feel the same! Anyone should experiment, fail, rethink and try without hesitation. That is the only path to generate new ideas, solutions, or approaches as they discuss.

I really like the book’s opening page (I may tattoo that on my arm so that I can be as good as that to you!):

To Mom & Dad… who gave us the freedom to express creative ideas, and the confidence to act on them.

Innovation, creativity and technology are big areas of study these days. That’s why I’m so happy with the work I do. I’m sure the three of them will be very relevant in 2030 too, history moves in longer cycles but we shall see.




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