Science Fiction

Do you want to know how the future is going to look like? Read and watch Science Fiction!

It’s been like that for years. Writers have imagined how the future might look like, linking the present with their own theories of the evolution. Usually at their time, those ideas did sound crazy. But some of them came to be true many years later.

Imagine when Julio Verne described the submarine and the space rockets around 1870!

There is always a writer behind any story, being this a book, a movie, a song or a virtual reality game. So they are the architects of the ideas. Think about that when you consume any Science Fiction, you may want to know more about the author of the ideas which got you interested.

What to do with the special ideas you get from Science Fiction? Well, they are always very good conversation starters with friends 🙂 They may never be worth any more than that, but I’ve always felt inspired about them and so have many of the scientists and engineers that have built what other writers imagined before them.

These things exist today!:

From the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey: Video Conference (1968)

From the movie Back to the Future: Self-tying laces (1990)

From the movie Back to the Future: Hoverboard (1990)



Side projects

Hi Leo,

Have you ever dreamt of doing something but your brain told you that it was impossible? Do you want to create your own video game? Do you want to make a horror film with your friends? Do you want to help other kids in need around the World?

The first most difficult barrier when trying to achieve something new is to believe you can do it.

Start by starting

It’s only a psychological wall and we can learn to jump it. The key is to actually start doing something about that new idea.

Go and write down your thoughts or draw them or talk about them to a friend. The more you dig into an the idea, the closer you get to get something done. Go wild on imagining how to achieve your goal, take a notepad and find a new place to get inspired, shut down the you-can’t-do-this part of your brain and picture yourself reaching that new goal. That will be a very good start.

Find time and a secret place

All of us, no matter the age, have responsibilities. Yours are probably related to homework, room keeping, walking the dog, etc. Mine are family and work mainly. It’s very easy to get absorbed on these daily tasks whether we enjoy them little or lots.

Since I was a teenager like you, I’ve been trying to put some time aside all year around to play with some of those wild ideas I was talking about earlier. Sometimes, after some initial thinking, I’ve found something that really interested me and spent some good time on it.

I start by writing down one line describing the project idea. I have a special place for them, you can use an app or a notepad or a secret drawer. Many times, they’ve been forgotten there for years but I never discarded them, because the reasons to go or not to go with them may change in the future. But some of them have been a starting point to do something new for me.

Get your hands dirty

You know you are after something good when you find yourself thinking about that project many times during the week.

Follow your instinct and invest time on the idea that makes your ears burn of excitement! You’ve found your first side project.

Go and read online about the topic, find people with the same interests, put down notes, start to think on a plan, ask questions, test your assumptions, get dirty. The more information you gather about the state of things that surround your project, the better situation you’ll be to make a plan to get it done.

What resources do I need? How can I get those resources? Can I do it alone? Do I need help from others? How much time do I need for it? Will it be fun? These are some of the questions I ask myself for each new side project. If you hit a big wall early answering any of them, try to reformulate your project idea to bypass that problem. Many times you’ll find the answers later on the process of developing the project.

Explore the unknown

Side projects are the perfect way to get to know about new things. Is a great way to discover your passions, to try yourself out, to experiment. In many cases, side projects have made people shift their lives to put them in the center of their careers!

The most interesting people I’ve met in my life are not good at only one thing, they all have experimented things with side projects whether they became their main thing in life or not.

Build your own bicycle, write a book about aliens, learn to paint with watercolours, create a network of students across Europe, sell apples with jokes printed on them. Imagine, plan and do, there are no actual limits on trying.

And do your homework too 🙂


Creative Confidence

Dear Leo,

I’ve got a bunch of books before you were born as I was going to have more time at home. A few were about baby caring (of course!) but another few were about all short of different things. The one I’m with today is called Creative Confidence – unleashing the creative potential within us all – by the founders of design studio IDEO.

I’ve always believed all of us are creative in essence and this books confirms my thoughts by their methodology and experience. I feel creative and you should feel the same! Anyone should experiment, fail, rethink and try without hesitation. That is the only path to generate new ideas, solutions, or approaches as they discuss.

I really like the book’s opening page (I may tattoo that on my arm so that I can be as good as that to you!):

To Mom & Dad… who gave us the freedom to express creative ideas, and the confidence to act on them.

Innovation, creativity and technology are big areas of study these days. That’s why I’m so happy with the work I do. I’m sure the three of them will be very relevant in 2030 too, history moves in longer cycles but we shall see.



Hello Leo, it’s 2030!

This blog is about my views on today’s tech and design issues written for my new born Leonardo to read on 2030 (when he’s 14 yo). You are welcome to read it today though!

I’m an experienced iOS developer today (mid 2016). I can play with chips and circuits and I like to create new digital and physical products. Does any of this stand in 2030?. The life of a developer changes fast and often and I’m no exception, so I could be cooking paella remotely for people around the World by the time Leo reads this.

I have 2 reasons to start this blog:

  • Start a conversation. With you today, with him in a few years.
  • Nurture creativity. Writing helps me finding new ways of thinking.

And I face 3 fears doing it:

  • Irrelevance? Hopefully you’ll enjoy and comment! Worse case scenario, only Leo will read it.
  • Frequency? Aiming at once a month at least. I’m an optimistic man.
  • Dead end? Fourteen years writing sounds grand, let’s see how far we get.